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I’m Michel Alexiev

Purpose Coach & Speaker


Find your Purpose and your inner strength

Having a purpose in life, a mission or life purpose gives direction, clarity, peace of mind and balance. This is the case both on a personal level and on a professional level. When you talk to very successful people you will always notice in a conversation that they are very clear about where they want to go in life and they have that incredible passion, drive and inner strength!



The same goes for highly successful companies or organizations. They all have a very clear goal, a clear mission, and communicate that mission very clearly to all divisions and layers in the organization so that everyone has the same goal very clear. This way the whole becomes more than just the sum of its parts.


It is exactly the same on a personal level. By finding your mission and life purpose, everything comes together and your whole being starts to synchronise perfectly to fulfill your purpose. Your body, your health, your energy level, your mind, your drive and your inner strength or life energy come together to be more than just the sum of its parts. You become super powerful and invincible!


Inner Strength

Everyone has a tremendous inner strength, but without direction and deeper connection with yourself, that inner strength sometimes hides somewhere in the depths of your being. But it is there! I will gladly help you to find it again and get in touch with so it can benefit you in your current situation.


I found my inner strength after a bad accident and a near-death experience. This was very intense but also very educational and it completely opened my eyes. But there are much more subtle ways to get back in touch with your inner strength, your primal force. Reconnecting with this inner strength gives a lot of confidence, peace of mind and conviction of who you are and what you stand for. You come back into your full strength. You become e true expression of yourself, you become authentic!


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This is what I do!

I coach people in finding their inner strength, their talents, mission and ultimately their purpose. It is a beautiful journey of discovery that never gets boring and actually never ends. Because it is a journey to discover your deeper and inner self which has soo much to offer, contains soo much wisdom that it can never ever get boring to get to know more. And finding your inner self and inner strength will allow to find inner peace, a clear sense of direction, balance, a feeling unity with yourself, others and with all there is, and will let you experience love much more intensly, especially love for yourself.


Finding your inner strength makes you authentic and in less need of confirmation from your environment and as such giving you back control over your life. You will walk your own path and trust your own choices and intuition. And that intuition only gets stronger the more you get into your own power, your inner strength. It is a positive feedback loop you get into, constantly positively reinforcing itself and constantly growing. This is what real transformation is about!


I can help you get back in  touch with yourself and find that inner strength again. Come and join me on that beautiful journey!


Ask yourself the right questions!

  • What do I really want out of life? What is my dream?
  • Why hasn’t your dream come true yet?
  • What is getting in my way?
  • Where is my passion – What really makes me tick?
  • What are you holding back or getting in the way?
  • What would I do NOW if I now have 10 million (and I’m out of partying)?
  • How would you feel if my dream were already a reality?

You can hardly keep asking yourself enough questions. That’s the beauty of life because it develops every moment and so important questions come up every time. Keep asking yourself the right questions to what you really would like to have answered in life and it will come to you.

Accident and near-death experience

I myself, have had a sever car accident and a near-death experience which changed my life forever. My near-death experience gave me a lot of clarity, showed my incredible inner strength and gave me profound insights about what life is about.


My near-death experience showed me my incredible inner strength. But I realized later that everyone has that same incredible inner strenght, everyone does. It is called life energy. With some people it is just more under a layer of dust than with others. And you don’t need to jump in front of a car and have a near-death experience to find yours! You can, but it is unnecessary as everyone has his own immense inner strength. Let me help you find yours!

I have learned however how to cope with what life gives you and live life to the fullest and not let myself get down by anything. You see, it is in the toughest moments of your life that you find your greatest strength.

Change and acceptance is a process

Reinventing myself didn’t happen overnight, but I have learned very valuable life lessons. Again, iIt is in our darkest moments that we find our biggest strength. So never let yourself be turned down by misfortunes in your life. These moments shape your personality and are a source of great strength.