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My mission is to let people discover their inner strength and to live from that space.

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I am Michel Alexiev, Life Coach, speaker, motivator and entrepreneur. I have lived abroad for 22 years, in Madrid, Barcelona and Prague and successfully managed several companies internationally.

Today I focus entirely on helping people achieve their goals and dreams.

Besides the fact that I am a NLP trainer, I use different techniques for guiding and coaching people (See more on the life coach page). I have had some intense moments in my life that taught me many things and especially gave me a lot of strength and wisdom on how to deal with life.

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Traumatic event

My life changed dramatically when I was 22 years old. At the time I was studying at an International Business School in Madrid and I had the time of my life.

I went to Fuengirola for a weekend, on the Costa del Sol in the south of Spain. And that night when we arrived at Fuengirola promenade and I got out of the car, closed the door and all of a sudden I heard the tires screeching and and I looked back and a car comes right at me at super high speed. I tried to jump away but then a big bang and then I was gone.

Near death experience

I was aware and I was in a special place, full of love, balance, strength, beauty, wisdom, and serenity. I wondered where I was. Time did not seem to exist and everything felt so warm, familiar and extremely pleasant, even though I had come home after a long wandering. I felt one with everything and felt a lot of depth, love, wisdom and calmness.

I looked down and saw myself from high above on the street. The sound was very dim, but I could see that I was lying on the floor very badly hurt and there was a lot of panic around me. But where was I now? This is me, I know that and I feel it, but I am not my body, because it is down on the ground and I am here in this warm space. It was a bit confusing but it felt so good there, so serene, so powerful and there was a balance in everything.

And suddenly something told me to go back, back to my body! And suddenly boom, there I was, back from this beautiful space to my earthly self, back in my body.

I was hit there by a drunk driver, driving at an insane speed and 2.7 percent of alcohol in his blood (which is about a bottle of vodka). I was lucky enough to survive the accident, but after 10 long surgeries in 14 days, doctors had to remove my left leg above the knee.

Life lessons

I have learned many things from accident, from forgiveness, to perseverance, dealing with fear and letting go of fear, letting go of resentment, and really handling and living life with both hands.

It was one of my darkest moments, but at the same time it has given me so much strength and life energy that I am actually grateful for all these experiences. It shaped me and made me the man I am today, strong, confident and with a clear mission.

All my life lessons didn’t come in one day, it took me years to fully recover mentally and really let it go. But in the end I did. And in the process I’ve learned how to deal with life, how to turn your life from apparent disaster to a happy and joyful life.


Anyone can have a happy life, you see, you just need to know how to do it. And I can help you learn that! And the great thing is that everyone can do it! Your life can turn into something beautiful, full of joy and happiness. It’s a choice! You can choose to be happy! However, it does require work, but you don’t need a car to run your head over or have a near-death experience to discover it all. I can help you in that process.


So over the years I have learned to be in touch with my inner self, which is our essence and who we really are. We are not just our body or our thoughts. We are so much more than that. We also have a soul, a spirit. It’s the one who was with you from the time you took your first breath and will be there until you take the last, and maybe even beyond. It is the one that is there when you have no thoughts, the one that you point to when you say I. You don’t point to your head, you point to your heart or chest.


By getting in touch with your inner self, you become authentic, calm, balanced, honest (because you lose the need for nonsense) and you love yourself and others. It makes you who you are and will lead you to your greatest potential.


I learned to say yes to life. Even though life is sometimes full of setbacks. Those setbacks actually give strength. Do you say yes to life too?

So, what I share with people is to learn to live from your own strength, not what you believe you should do, or what your environment thinks you should do, or what your limiting beliefs tells you who you are. Learn to live from your pure essence and create the life you desire.

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Be in touch with your inner self

Over the years I have learned to get in touch with my inner self, our essence and the one who we really are. We are not just our body, our thoughts or our emotions. We are so much more than that. We also have a soul, a spirit. It is the one who has been with you from the moment you inhaled your first breath and will be there until you take your last, and maybe even after. It is the one that is there when you have no thoughts, the one that you point to when you say I. You are not pointing at your head, you are pointing at your heart or core. The one is you!