Would you like to awaken and free yourself from old conditioning without using willpower and transform yourself to a higher vibration?

Inner Energy Awakening is an activation of life energy, the creative primal energy that is in everyone and therefore also present in you! It is a DNA activation that is naturally generated by this energy transmission by raises your frequency so that you can fully be who you are, in your purity and strength and in complete freedom.

Inner Energy Awakening raises your vibration and allows you to go into deeper layers of consciousness and allows you to free yourself from all your conditioning and endless stream of thoughts. And from this deeper awareness and by letting the energy flow, you can start letting go. Letting go of everything you carry with you and what no longer serves you. This process of letting go and healing can be activated spontaneously by this energy transmission. Just allow the energy to flow by surrendering to it and without using willpower. The energy is super intelligent and knows where to go and what you need.


Inner Energy Awakening is surrendering yourself to the intelligent primal energy that lies within all of us and that contains the creative power of life. By letting go and surrendering yourself to this intelligent energy, the energy will start to flow and it can do its healing effect. Surrender and letting go are the keywords. Let go of control, let go like a leaf falls from a tree, without effort and very naturally.

Everything in our universe vibrates and everything has its own frequency, including your body, your thoughts and your emotions. Negative thoughts and emotions such as anger, guilt or shame have a low frequency and feelings of love, happiness and meaning have a very high frequency. See table below:

Inner Energy Awakening raises your frequency without willpower by surrendering yourself to the moment of now. As you get into a higher frequency you start to feel better, you can let things go more easily and you attract more positive things into your life, which by itself raises your frequency, and so you get into a positive upwards spiral to an even higher frequency.

See the horizontal lines below as the absolute truth. With a low frequency the golden wave only touches the black absolute truth line a few times. Then when you get into a higher frequency, the line touches the truth line much more often and unleashes information and wisdom stored in your DNA. And this goes all the way up to becoming one with the line, reaching infinity and infinite wisdom and symbolizes a return to source.

An Inner Energy Awakening session is a sacred ceremony given from a new holistic perspective, from a higher vibration where everything is whole and complete. Inner Energy Awakening was born from a fusion of old and new wisdom from multiple cultures, wisdom of old shamans and old sages, new age children and seers and has been developed to what is needed for the world today. That which is necessary for humanity to fully awaken so that we live in love and harmony with ourselves, with each other and with this beautiful planet, our mother earth.

We all have multiple deeper dimensions or layers of consciousness within us. Which layers you already have discovered or activated and how you are experiencing these levels of consciousness is different for everyone, as everyone is in his or her own process of life, on their own life path. No matter where you are on your life path, we all have the potential to open doors to these deeper dimensions within ourselves and raise our vibration and be happier, more balanced, more powerful and feel life is more meaningful.

Inner Energy Awakening is a DNA activation and awakens your own energy and inner wisdom, your Chi, your life energy or also called Kundalini Energy, which is stored in your DNA. And energy contains information and allows you to awaken deeply stored information from your DNA through the activation of your life energy. It’s all within you and with Inner Energy Awakening we help you awaken and let that energy flow so you can experience deeper dimensions within yourself, layers of yourself that are still in sleep mode.

Today we can pass on this pure energy and share it with the world, and it is important that everyone can and should have access to it, so that everyone can become the higher and pure version of themselves, and we all grow together.

Do you want to Awaken your Inner Energy?
Are you ready for a change in your life?
Do you want to explore and fully express your own potential?
Do you want to find depth in yourself?
Do you want to increase your awareness?

Inner Energy Awakening brings you back to unity, back to your truth and true self.
You already have everything in you, you only need to remember who you really are, feel and awaken to it, without willpower. All your potential is in the here and now, “everything is right here, right now!”.

Everything is whole and complete and you may starts to remember who you really are and let your energy flow fully. And we guide you and carry you with all the love in this magical process.


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The power of your own DNA and what exactly is DNA activation?

Your DNA contains the code to life, every cell contains your entire DNA strand and it makes us unique as a species and as individuals. It is our coding and it contains much more than that. There are many special properties of DNA that we are only just beginning to discover and understand, such as the incredible data storage potential of DNA.

Did you know that one gram of DNA can store up to 1,000,000 terabytes of data and the total memory capacity of all your DNA in your body is equivalent to all the movies made to this day, and then 30 billion times?All knowledge from the universe is literally in you, in your DNA? How? Read more here!


DNA is a mega storage medium, it’s like a super potent hard drive! In fact, you are a living, walking and talking data center of unprecedented proportion.

Harvard scientists George Church and Sriram Kosuri have done pioneering research into this.

They download one of their e-books onto DNA and then upload it back to a server. This was a great discovery because it showed that you can encode and retrieve digital bits of information directly on your DNA, just like your computer can, but by a factor of a few thousand. There is so much intelligence in us.

You can store 13.5 billion years of data in your body, ironically that’s about how old the universe is. So, you are the universe, information from the beginning of time is stored in your body, in your DNA. So the universe is in you, not just in a manner of speaking. Here’s a quote from Rumi (Persian poet from 1300): You are not a drop of water in the ocean, you are the entire ocean in a drop.

Because everything that was there from the beginning is still here now, nothing more and nothing less. The amount of particles is still the same as at the time of the big bang. This is the first law of thermodynamics, which states that energy cannot be created or destroyed, only converted.

And energy contains information. And so, if you could decode your full DNA, and fully activate it, all information about your ancestors and the universe would become consciously available to you. Because that information is still stored in us. We just need to access it and awaken it from is dormant state. The information from your DNA will become accessible by raising your vibration. The higher your vibration, the more the inner wisdom of the universe is activated and released within you

We only know and understand 2% of our DNA. This 2% is the DNA that contains the code for our entire body structure. The rest is DNA that we don’t understand and we don’t know its function. And so that’s 98% of our DNA is called junk DNA. It’s called that because we don’t know what it does or what purpose it serves, but is it really junk?

Everything in the universe, in nature and in our body is made so intelligently, perfectly and efficiently that everything that has no function disappears. That’s how evolution works. Yet we have 98% DNA that we call junk or trash. But that junk is no junk at all and it definitely has a purpose, otherwise it would be long gone. By raising your vibration and activating your DNA you can access the hidden secrets of your DNA and the deep knowledge of the universe.


The field of epigenetics also contributes to this. Epigenetics has now been accepted in the mainstream medical world and that is that your genetic material contains information about whether you have a predisposition to certain diseases. But whether those genes containing that information also express them selves is determined by something that stands above genetics (Epi means above in ancient Greek), and that is environmental factors, behavior, thoughts, lifestyle, etc. These are the factors that determine how your DNA and genes express themsleves.

Recent research has shown that epigenetic information goes back as much as 14 generations and that this is programmed in your DNA. So, you carry a lot of memories and wisdom of your ancestors with you. So not only our physical makeup is passed on to us, but also everything that our ancestors went through that influenced their epigenetics, DNA programming and gene expression.

This is why ancestors are so valued by so many indigenous tribes around the world, they play such an important role in all their rituals. Because we are deeply connected with them, and we’ve kind of lost that connection to our ancestors in this busy world we live in. You may still have some of their sadness and pain, as well as their joy, in your DNA. And by healing certain parts of yourself, you may be healing the genetic code that goes back so many generations. You heal it not only for yourself, but also for the generations that follow.

Inner Energy Awakening works on a deep cellular and DNA level, where without you being aware of it, it can heal deep and old wounds and limiting beliefs, possibly even the wounds of your ancestors that are still encoded in your DNA.

Inner Energy Awakening works, among other things, on these deep layers, very subtle, yet profound.

DNA activation explained and the enormous storing capacity it holds 

Your DNA holds the key to life, but also holds all the wisdom of our ancestors and of the universe. It is all stored and coded into our DNA. 

Have a look at this short video which explains more details of the power of your DNA and what DNA activation is. 

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Three Types of Inner Energy Awakening Journeys

We have learned from all the journeys we have guided that there we can three types of journey’s that people generally experience. None is better than the other and the experiences and bodily movements vary between the journey’s. People who are new to this kind of energy activation often go through the silent journey first, and then move on to the visual or body bliss journey. The order in which you go is not set and you can experience attributes of each journey in one journey. But in general the three types of journey’s are as follows:

1. Silent Journey

2. Visual Journey

3. Body Bliss Journey

1. Still Journey

In this journey your body is still, quiet and relaxed. Body is in rest mode and the energy flows through you but doesn’t let the body make any movements. This is because the energy is doing internal work and repairs on your body and energy system. The energy is moving through your chakra system and if some chakras have blockages, the energy will work on releasing these. In this journey it sometime may feel like not much is happening, but that is not the case. A lot of internal energy work is being done. The energy is extremely intelligent and knows exactly what your body and energy system needs most.

2. Visual Journey

In this journey your body can be in a rest state or slightly make some movements. You are taken on a visual journey or if you are ore of a kinesthetic (feeling) person then it will feel like an experience and a sense of real emotional awareness. You can experience vivid and colorful visuals of all kind of things. It often feel like you are taken on a journey and so just enjoy the ride. Some people feel a strong connection to the spiritual realm and may encounter spirits from this realm.

3. Body Bliss Journey

In this journey your body really gets activated. DNA activation process is strongest in this stage. There is a total surrender to the moment and to the energy and it feels like your body performs a dance with the energy. There is an emotional release and often a feeling of bliss. Some people report deep and profound experiences of the spiritual realm, remember who they really are beyond the mind and the ego and sometimes even a spontaneous full spiritual awakening can occur.

As mentioned earlier, one can experience components of all three types of journeys in one journey. Or have a visual one, next time a body bliss journey and then the following session have a still journey. One is not better than the other and they all fulfil their role. Just surrender to the energy, as it knows best.

Generally, however, one tends to start with the still journey and then move to the visual and or the body bliss journey. People often want to experience the body bliss stage right away, but please don’t feel disheartened if the first few times time you don’t get to the Body Bliss journey. It is a build up like so many things in life. You also didn’t start walking form the moment you were born. All in its time and if you didn’t get to the visual or bliss stage yet, your body and being simply needs more activation. Eventually, everyone will come to the body bliss stage, so just surrender to the process and let go of control to get there.

So what exactly is Inner Energy Awakening?

Inner Energy Awakening brings you back to unity back to your true self. You are already there, you only need to remember, feel and awaken, without willpower. All your potential is in the here and now, everything is here, right now.

Everything is whole and complete, you may remember it and let your energy flow completely.

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Trauma healing and letting go of limiting beliefs

Have you ever thought you had processed an old trauma and then suddenly it pops up again out of nowhere? This is because consciousness in general, and trauma and limiting thoughts in particular, manifests on 5 layers of being or consciousness. Do you really want to heal completely or eliminate limiting thoughts once and for all, then you have to do this on all 5 layers because otherwise it will keep popping up. The 5 layers of consciousness are as follows: 1) The mental layer 2) The physical layer 3) The emotional layer 4) The energetic layer that manifests in the energetic body 5) The spiritual layer that manifests on the soul level.

 At Inner Energy Awakening we work on the emotional, energetic and spiritual layer. By activating your inner energy and raising your vibration, emotional traumas can be released and healed, your DNA can be positively influenced epigenetically, and old wounds on all these layers can be healed

And not through willpower or tiring long therapy sessions, but purely by letting yourself be guided by the energy transmission and the life energy that is released within you. And yes, completely surrender to that in full surrender. As surrender is the keyword here. Let yourself flow out of your mind, surrender to the moment and let your body and the universe do their job. Because your body knows very well where your problems are, everything you have experienced, all experiences, good or painful, are stored energetically in your body and in your DNA.

By raising your frequency, all old traumas can be healed by letting this beautiful and powerful energy flow. It’s pure magic!

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What does an Inner Energy Awakening session all about?

An Inner Energy Awakening session is a sacred ceremony, takes about 2 hours and is given in a safe setting and it can be a group or in a private session. Emotions, tensions, blocks and old conditionings can be released without talking about them, without the story around them, just by letting go and surrendering yourself to your life energy and energy transmission.

During a session you lie on a yoga mat, relaxed and with your eyes closed. You can completely surrender to the moment and you don’t have to do anything from willpower.

We are going to guide you with music that has specific frequencies and it affects your brain waves and puts you in a different state of consciousness and conscious perception, making you go through a dream phases while being awake. This helps to open up to the energy transmission, moving your brain waves from Beta waves, to Alpha waves, to Theta waves all the way to Gamma waves, which is a kind of conscious REM sleep.


Beta waves is being awake in your daily awake state, solving problems and producing actions, regulating things and concentrating on tasks at hand.

Alpha waves get you in a relaxed and creative state and recharges you. Alpha waves are in harmony with the frequency of the earth, also called the Schumann resonance, which is 7.83 Hz.
Theta waves get you in a meditative state of deep rest and unity. Gamma waves is intense concentration, peak performance, but also deep insights and connection with the universe. Delta is your sleep state and or deep state of rest.

Music is not necessary, but it does help to calm your mind and allows you to surrender more easily to the energy transmission.

We as guides go through intuitive movements with our hands to pass on the energy transmission to you, we sometimes touch you if you allow this (you can indicate what you do not want) and this causes the energy to flow through you even stronger. What happens then is very personal and there is no right or wrong, it is exactly what you need in the moment. The intelligence of the energy knows exactly what you need and only gives you what you can handle and you can surrender to this completely. It is this intelligent energy from which you originate, the primal energy that makes everything grow on this planet and allows us to live on earth.

What can happen during a session??

• You may begin to see colors or other forms of light or geometric shapes while your eyes are closed.
• Emotions can be felt by the body and immediately released, there is no story attached to this and it is therefore completely different from talking about your emotions in a conversation.
• During a session it can happen that your body starts to move spontaneously, you can start moving with your head, arms, stomach or legs. Due to the energy transmission, the energy passes through your body, which can cause your body to vibrate, shiver or shake. Let it happen and don’t resist it because this is one of your body’s ways of clearing energetic blockages.
• You can also just lie still on the yoga mat and feel that nothing is happening, this does not mean that nothing is happening because the energy goes through you and wakes up quietly because this is necessary in this way for you, in this moment .

30% happens on the yoga mat and the rest happens after the session, by suddenly getting a clear insight, feeling that you are buzzing with energy or that you are going to give yourself permission to really rest. After a session your body can feel tired, so the more you slow down the faster your inner process goes.

What are the experiences of other participants?
Creating expectations is part of controlling thoughts because there is a premeditated outcome and this can affect your personal experience.
Try to come to this session with no expectations so that you can open up completely to the energy transmission.

Hier zijn wel een paar belangrijke punten die anderen deelden met ons:

Here are a few key points that others have shared with us:

experiences of other participants

Full surrender is an important part of Inner Energy Awakening. Surrender, trust, receiving and letting go are processes that happen all around us, just look closely at the seasons in nature, the energy is always moving.

Inner Energy Awakening is a dance we make together on an energetic level, we meet you where you are on your energetic journey. Nothing happens that you don’t want, this is not hypnosis. You are fully aware of what is happening and it is safe to let go.

How are the 2 hours divided?
• Energy cleansing with sage
• Explanation Inner Energy Awakening
• Short demonstration of Inner Energy Awakening
• Accompanying Meditation to ground in your body
• Energy transmission -+75 minutes
• Returning after the session (you made a trip)
• After group discussion
• Ask questions and if you want to share what you have experienced.
• Draw a card with your personal message
• Relax with a cup of tea, nuts and fresh fruit to ground yourself again.

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Experience how it feels to fully surrender and feel how it is to be carried by the universe!

In surrender lies a great strength and so allow the wisdom of your body and the universal energy to heal you from what needs to be healed. Feel and experience the magic!

Who will guide you in this process?

Monique Sahiboe

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We hebben allemaal zo onze trauma’s
meegemaakt en die kunnen variéren van
gepest zijn, geen warmte, genegenheid of
liefde hebben ontvangen van je ouders,
het overlijden van een dierbare, een
scheiding, relatiebreuk, een ongeluk, tot
iets heel simpels als een opmerking van
iemand die je diep heeft geraakt.Heling van trauma vindt op 4
verschillende lagen van je zijn plaats, op
mentaal, emotioneel, fysiek en spiritueel
niveau. En dit laatste wordt nogal eens
vergeten.En, als een deel zich van je afsplits, dan is
het op een andere plek en kan je het dus
niet helen voordat het terug is. Klassieke
therapie heeft dan geen enkele zin zonder
de afgesplitste delen eerst terug te halen.De resultaten van een Soul Retrieval zijn
zonder uitzondering enorm impactvol!

Michel Alexiev

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Monique over Michel

We hebben allemaal zo onze trauma’s
meegemaakt en die kunnen variéren van
gepest zijn, geen warmte, genegenheid of
liefde hebben ontvangen van je ouders,
het overlijden van een dierbare, een
scheiding, relatiebreuk, een ongeluk, tot
iets heel simpels als een opmerking van
iemand die je diep heeft geraakt.

Heling van trauma vindt op 4
verschillende lagen van je zijn plaats, op
mentaal, emotioneel, fysiek en spiritueel
niveau. En dit laatste wordt nogal eens

En, als een deel zich van je afsplits, dan is
het op een andere plek en kan je het dus
niet helen voordat het terug is. Klassieke
therapie heeft dan geen enkele zin zonder
de afgesplitste delen eerst terug te halen.

De resultaten van een Soul Retrieval zijn
zonder uitzondering enorm impactvol!

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