What do you want to get out of life? What do you dream of?

My coaching methods are focused on transformation and getting clear results. To get what you really want out life in your career, relationships and your health! To find true happiness and joy in your life, it is important that these three aspects (career, relationships and health) are in balance. So, how are you doing in these three main areas of your life and what would you like to change or see differently? What are you holding back? And how would you feel now if those changes were already a reality today?


Let’s see what you really want in life, not what you think you want or what others expect of you, but what you really want! That is a journey in itself! And realize that it is madness to spend your time (and therefore your life) on things you don’t like! Defining what you want in life is the key to happiness and from there you can work systematically towards achieving your goals.


What is stopping you?

Once you have an idea of your goals really are, we will look jointly at what is holding you back or what is getting in your way. Sometimes these are old limiting beliefs, sometimes this is fear or stress or the uncertainty about the outcome of the changes you want to make. Sometimes it is your environment that is discouraging you. What is the story you have created about yourself? The story that holds all your beliefs and attitudes about yourself? And how does that story keep you from achieving your dream goals? Great changes can sometimes come with little changes of how we perceive and or limit ourselves.

What is your emotional state?

Your emotional state is a reflection of where you are currently in life. If you are feeling unhappy, low on energy, feeling unfulfilled, angry or depressed, then probably something is not right in your life at this very moment! What are these emotions trying to tell you? Emotions are a messenger and are informing you constantly if you are moving in the right or wrong direction. By listening carefully to your own emotions, you learn from yourself what is right or wrong in your life and which part of your life calls for attention or change.

It’s important to break through old negative habits and emotions that are holding you back so that you are ready to focus on transformation and growth.

Take back control of your life

Learning how to properly use your mind, thoughts and emotions will change your entire life and you can get anything you want out of life. Clean yourself of old negative beliefs or old emotions through acceptance, forgiveness (of yourself and others), dealing with your fears and get out of your comfort zone. This process creates a lot of new free space in your being and is truly liberating. However, it requires work, dedication and persistence. Are you ready and willing to do the work?

I am here to guide you on your path to discover your inner strength, the power within, the power of your mind and your being.

Everything in life is possible. There is no need to suffer. All the suffering in the world is self-inflicted! Bad things happen of course, and I had my fair share of that, but the way you deal with it, the meaning you give to your situation is a choice. And choice is part of the universal law of free will. The moment you realize that it is within your own ability, within your own control how you deal with things, you can change everything in life as it is a choice.

Take back control of your life and don’t let life rule you!

See my video on this topic below:


Let the past be, start living in the now!

Don’t live too much in the past, as the past is the past and there is nothing you can change about the past. So putting your focus on things from the past is a waste of energy which is actually better used for growth. It is better to focus is on getting what you really want in life and thus changing the present and your future. The past is the past and no longer exists. You can’t change your past anymore, period!

What you feel and think right now is what defines your life. What you do now is your reality and from which you create and shape your future. Not the past, nor the future, but what you do now is all life is about. We live now! Too many people live in the past or worry about the future (about events that have not yet taken place and might very well never actually take place) and forget to live and be present and in the now. We sometimes forget that there is only one reality and it is here right now. Living in the now gives a lot of peace and can take away many fears and worries about life. So what can you do today to change tomorrow?


Create space and become aware of who you really are

In this process we clean up all your negativity and energy system and restore the energy flow in your body so that we can use all our focus and strength to achieve our goals.

An important aspect of clearing your energy and focusing on your goals is learning to become aware of your own thoughts and emotions. Your thoughts and emotions are the drivers of creating your reality. Change how you think and feel about the world and your perception of your reality changes with it. That is why it is very important to understand yourself, your thoughts and emotions in order to achieve change and growth.


It is liberating to learn how to accept your current life situation and how to accept yourself for who you really are, with all your good and bad sides.

Acceptance is an important part of your journey. It takes away all inner conflict. Inner conflict basically means that you are fighting yourself. That is a fight you will never win unless you really accept yourself. Not fighting yourself anymore is very liberating.

And then acceptance opens wide the door to self-love, which is a cornerstone for true growth. If you really love yourself, you will start making the right choices in life that will benefit YOU and only YOU! And you eliminate choices that please others rather than yourself.

Learn more about acceptance and self love by watching my videos on these topics.

Eliminate negative emotions of fear and anger and the experience power of forgiveness

Forgiveness for yourself and others is another important aspect of your growth process as it takes away any negative energies you have against yourself and / or others. People often think that forgiveness is something you do for the other, but nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, it is the greatest gift you can give to yourself. It breaks with all the negative energies and influences that someone has left on you. It is certainly not always easy, but extremely liberating once you learn how to forgive.

See this very powerful video on forgiveness


Free yourself from stress, anxiety and fear!

Fear holds you back. You come into a freeze, flight or fight mode and from this place you will not grow or create a lasting change. And stress is a derivative of fear, it is a longer term fear that has less intenstity because it is not about an imminant life threatening situation, but it is actually much more harmful. Stress is the biggest cause of desease.


Recognizing why the stress or anxiety is in your life and what it actually wants to tell you is very helpful. After all, fear is always based on a positive intention. It wants to protect fear from something, sometimes also for things that do not even exist (yet).

Fear is a messenger and recognizing your fears and the message behind it will help you how to cope with fear and not let fear control you. Stop letting fear or stress rule your life. Turn it around and control your fear, free yourself from fear.

Real change or growth is not possible from a place of fear. Fear paralyzes! Growth comes from the opposite of fear, from a place of trust and belief. David would never have defeated Goliath had he acted out of fear, he acted out of pure confidence and faith and overcame the invincible!

Dealing with acceptance, forgiveness, fear and stress clears a lot of negative emotional charge and creates room for new perspectives and growth. Nothing will stop you.

See this video explaining more about fear.

What would you do if money were no an issue?

Ask yourself this question and set your goals with this question in mind. Setting the right goals, the ones that make you feel alive, the goals that can make you fall in love with what you are doing are a major driver of growth and success. Without clear goals you have no direction in life. Clear goals therefore provide direction.

Let your goals become one with you, an integral part of yourself. Combine that with the right focus and your goals and dreams start taking shape and become reality step by step. You make space for yourself through acceptance, forgiveness and detaching yourself from fear! And by creating that space and having your goals clear, you are ready to find your mission ands your purpose! This is the true key to success and the driving force to true happiness in your life.


This interests me and I would like to learn more about all this!

I would like to get in touch!

My approach and background

My approach is very hands-on, working with people one on one to achieve the best results in the above three main areas of their life (Career, Relationships & Health) and going through the steps outlined above. It is a process that we go into together, it just requires an open attitude, honesty, willingness to change, effort and commitment.

Before my coaching career I have been a successful entrepreneur and have many years of experience in international business. And so I also combine my business knowledge with my life lessons to be able to assist people with business aspects as well.

My biggest life lesson was at the age of 22 when I had a serious accident and eventually lost my left leg. I was hit by a drunk driver and had a near death experience in the accident. This near death experience has given me profound insights and understanding of my own inner strength and being. See more about this under “about me”

I have had years of NLP training to become an NLP coach and so I combine my coaching with NLP techniques from time to time. However, NLP is only a tool and not a cornerstone of my coaching method.

I also work closely with Team SteveyJ, Ireland’s best life coach, and combine their results-oriented approach with “ad hoc” coaching, spirituality and NLP techniques to provide the best coaching methods for my clients and to create lasting change.

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