Going on a retreat is an act of pure self-love: making time for the most important person in the world, yourself!

Several times a year, we host retreats at a beautiful, energetically unique location on the west coast of Ireland. This retreat center, built by my Irish soulmate Austin, is close to our hearts, and we are closely involved in further developing its philosophy. As soon as you step onto this magical ground, you feel the special energy flowing. Here, we have witnessed countless deep healings. People feel nourished, recharged, and return home full of vitality and strength. On this page, you will find more information about the retreat center, what to expect from our retreats, and when they take place, so you can book directly.

What Can You Expect from Our Retreats?

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    Transformation! Release what stands in the way of your success and turn it into strength!

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    Discovering Your Deeper Essence: We guide you to that place within yourself so you can always remember the way there.

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    Quantum Manifestation & Healing: We bring together millennia-old spiritual wisdom and modern quantum physics.

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    Purpose: We will explore your drive and purpose. What do you truly want at the deepest level of your being? Become “purpose-driven”!

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  • Letting Go: Release what no longer serves you, making room for something new.

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    5 Levels of Consciousness: We will heal and transform on mental, physical, emotional, energetic, and spiritual levels.

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    Healing and/or Nourishing? Changing your inner attitude is the path to happiness. If you change that, everything around you changes!

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    Grounding and Feeling Reborn: You will learn to return and ground yourself well in this dimension and feel reborn!

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Location: Carrabaun, Westport, Co Mayo, F28WF83, Ireland


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What’s on the Program?

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    Meditations: Every day we begin and end with a meditation

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    Quantum Healing: Quantum healing involves healing at the DNA, cellular, and sub-cellular levels, focusing on restoring your energetic blueprint

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    Kundalini Activation: Activation of your life energy

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    Cacao Ceremony: Cacao opens your heart, connecting you with your subconscious and the universe.

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    Heart Ceremony: In this ceremony, we will open your heart, address any lingering sadness, heal it, and fill it with new, fresh heart’s desires

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    Reprogramming Limiting Beliefs: What old limiting beliefs are still standing in your way? We will transform these into positive beliefs

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    Purpose en je ideale toekomst: Wat wil je nu echt, waar gaat je hart sneller van kloppen? Een Purpose stuwt je voort!

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  • Sound Healing and Energetic Upgrade: By raising the frequency of sound, we elevate your frequency and provide you with an energetic upgrade!

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Plant Medicine Retreats
Plant Medicine Retreats
Ayahuasca – The Great Healer

Given in Portugal

During these retreats, we conduct two ayahuasca ceremonies, including integration and rest periods. This is a magical inner journey to heal and discover yourself on all deeper layers of your being. We have witnessed so many beautiful, profound healings with this wonderful medicine.

It is truly something you must experience at least once, and we will guide you with all the love in this process. Want to know more? Book a no-obligation consultation or check the retreat overview to book directly.


Discover Where You’ll Be Going in Ireland!
Beautiful, Organic, and Self-Sustaining Retreat

Nestled in the heart of nature lies Anam Croí, a beacon for those seeking holistic healing and a sustainable lifestyle. Anam Croí, meaning ‘The Heart of the Soul’, resonates with a deep connection to the earth and our inner selves. This high-frequency healing center stands as a testament to what is possible when we align ourselves with the rhythm of nature.


Transformation is 80% an Internal Process and Only 20% External!

Nothing in the outer world will change if you don’t first change something in your inner world. By focusing solely on changes in the outer world, you will only make very small steps forward. Transformation, which involves total change, requires big steps; small steps won’t get you there.

The changes begin with yourself. What do you need to change internally to achieve the results you want to see in the outer world? Do you know the answer to that question?

Are you interested in one of our retreats?

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Location: Carrabaun, Westport, Co Mayo, F28WF83, Ireland

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What Will We Do and Address in These Retreats?

Who Are You Beyond the Ego?

Rediscover Your Deeper Essence!

We are so much more than our ego, thoughts, and emotions. We have all three, but we are not them. Within each of us is a consciousness that observes and experiences all our thoughts and emotions. Who are you when you have no thoughts and emotions? You are a deeper consciousness that goes beyond the ego. The ego is merely an image we have created of ourselves based on all our experiences, beliefs, and the influences of society and the people around us. But that is not the essence of who you are, even though your ego would have you believe otherwise. We will further explore this deeper essence of yourself and learn how to connect with it daily.


If you learn to understand your ego well, even your spiritual ego, you can live from your deeper essence in harmony with your ego. At that level of being, you find peace and clarity, free from all prejudices, allowing you to see yourself and the world around you as they truly are. This is a major transformation that we will support you in achieving.


Quantum Manifestation & Quantum Healing

Quantum manifestation is a powerful method that allows you to transform your reality, your life, and yourself by tapping into the potential of the quantum field, bypassing and influencing time and space like an alchemist. You gain direct access to multiple timelines and can activate the one that best serves your desires and life goals.

By connecting with the quantum field, a realm of multiple timelines opens up, each with its own unique potential. Quantum manifestation is a transformative journey that enables you to tune deeper into your inner wisdom and connect with the creative power of the universe.

With quantum healing, we conduct sessions to heal your body and soul on a quantum level, working on your energetic and DNA blueprint.



Are you interested in one of our retreats?

See here for an overview of all dates and reserve your spot directly!

Location: Carrabaun, Westport, Co Mayo, F28WF83, Ireland


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Finding Your Purpose!

The Invisible Engine That Propels You Forward!

Purpose provides direction, peace, and a deep internal drive. By exploring and understanding who you truly are, a new dimension within you opens up, and your purpose becomes clear naturally.

My Near-Death Experience (NDE) showed me, made me feel, and allowed me to experience that we are more than just our thoughts, emotions, and the story our ego has created about who we are. We have a deeper essence that is closely connected to the universe and the quantum field. During my NDE, I was fully connected with this unity, or “oneness,” of the quantum field.

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The Power of Letting Go

What Would You Send to the Heavens?

To manifest what you desire, you must be able to let go of what holds you back and what no longer suits you. This stands in the way of your most abundant timeline. Releasing limiting beliefs, your programming, and everything that no longer fits you is one of the most powerful processes you can go through, and it liberates you immensely.

You free yourself from the grip that negative thoughts, emotions, or experiences can have on us. It begins with acknowledging and accepting the current situation and everything that has happened in your life—your fate. See everything as it is, without resistance or judgment.


Transforming on 5 Levels of Being!

To truly become yourself, be fully authentic, and connect with your deeper essence, you must face yourself. You need to look at the points you’d rather not see, such as pain, vulnerability, and insecurities that we all carry within us. We will address this on all 5 levels of your consciousness:

  1. Mental Level: Identify and reprogram limiting beliefs, fostering a positive and empowering mindset.
  2. Physical Level: Engage in practices that enhance your physical well-being and connect you to your body.
  3. Emotional Level: Process and release trapped emotions, learning to navigate your emotional landscape with ease.
  4. Energetic Level: Work with your energy field, clearing blockages and aligning your energy with your intentions.
  5. Spiritual Level: Deepen your connection with your higher self, the universe, and your true purpose.



Healing and/or Nourishing & Micro and Macro Trauma

Healing and nourishing are crucial for both physical and mental well-being, focusing on restoration and inner balance. Microtrauma includes small, repeated wounds that can be cumulatively harmful, while macrotrauma involves significant events with profound consequences. Understanding both types of trauma is essential for effective healing and promoting a healthy mind and body, as they require different approaches to care and recovery.


Grounding and Free Time to Integrate!

Experiencing multidimensionality is a wonderful journey to discover the depth of your soul. However, it is crucial to learn to ground yourself and anchor the knowledge of your higher self in this dimension. That is why we are here on Earth, to make it happen here. Discovering the higher dimensionality within yourself helps immensely, but it all happens here! Therefore, grounding is of great importance, and we will begin and end each day with it. And you will have free time to integrate all your experiences and insights!


Grounding is essential for balance and well-being. It reduces stress, increases energy, and improves sleep. By aligning with the Earth’s connection, you stabilize your body and mind. This process helps regulate emotions, promotes mental clarity, and supports physical health. Grounding is a natural, healing practice.

Are you interested in one of our retreats?

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Who will be guiding you on these retreats?

Michel & Monique, with the assistance of Austin and the team in Ireland, will guide you on this beautiful inner journey. Want to know more about us? Read on below or check out the “About Me” section on this page.

We will support you with all our love and show you where to look to experience true transformation.


Pictures of Anam Croi Retreat Center in Ireland